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EHX Bass Soul Food “Son of Klon” Mod

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This is the Bass version of the EHX Soul Food. A clone of the Famous Klon Centaur. And it has become wildly popular. Many of the complaints about this pedal is that it lacks mids and girth compared to the original Klon. It also uses 1N914 Diodes instead of the 1N34As that were used in the original circuit. I have added them with this mod and I have also added a Pot so you can dial in the amount of Bass/Mids girth desired.

But while doing the mod I discovered by adding a 2N3440 and 1N914 to the circuit the Gain takes on this wonderful blooming smooth Harmonically Rich Gain that turned the pedal into a beast! Honestly with this Mod I feel the Soul Food is better than the original. Do yourself a favor and buy a Soul Food and do this mod. You can thank me later. Take a listen to the mp3 below. Monte Allums

MP3 Bass Soul Food Son of Klon — Recorded with a Strat into a Bass Soul Food Pedal modded with my Bass Soul Food Mod into a Moreland Diamondback Tube Amp. A touch of Reverb and delay were added in Studio One. I used a variety of modes and settings throughout the mp3. The pedal effect is engaged throughout the mp3 and I used the Blend Pot to mix the effect with the clean signal. First part of the mp3 did not have the 2N3440/1N914 installed. At the 9:10 mark of the mp3 I installed the 2N3440/1N914 Combo.

Mod Options

For Guitar, For Bass

LED Color

Blue, White, Green


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EHX Bass Soul Food “Son of Klon” Mod
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