Chip Adapter Mods


How often have you wished you could swap out those crappy stock inline chips for a Burr Brown OPA2134PA, JRC4558D, RC4558P or one of the other popular Dual Opamp Chips? Well, now you can with this adapter and an 8 Pin Chip Socket. Simply remove the stock inline chip, pop in the adapter, socket, and your favorite opamp and experience the variety of tone that swapping opamps will give you.

Kit comes with the Adapter and a Chip Socket for swapping out Dual Opamp Chips. This is a very cool mod and I have personally had a blast swapping out chips in a variety of pedals. You will need to make sure that the chip you want to replace has enough clearance above the chip to accommodate the adapter. For pedals such as the BD-2, that have limited room for the adapter, I am selling Socket Extenders which you’ll find sold below.

You will use the Socket Extender to raise the adapter and chip so the legs of the adapter may be bent over (see illustration below). This will give you room to install the Adapter Mod in a pedal like the BD-2 that has limited space. In the illustration below notice how the Socket Extender allows the Adapter Legs to be bent. This allows the Chip Adapter to be installed in pedals that have limited room. NOTE: These Socket Adapters may also be used to socket diodes, resistors, caps, etc. This makes swapping out components very convenient.

A Word About Stacking Opamps — Stacking opamps has been around for many years. Dave Barber reintroduced it to the DIY community a while back. There are some advantages. First thing I noticed was slightly more output volume. Not a lot but noticeable nonetheless. And depending on the circuit you’ll get different tones from mixing and matching opamps. Sometimes two of the same type works best, sometimes not. I have chosen the combinations I feel sounded the best in the mods I offer. But, the fun is in experimentation so feel free to mix and match. Other things I noticed in my experimentation was slightly less noise and more headroom. The complexity of tone can be much improved with stacking opamps. Fullness and harmonic content seem to be enhanced also.

Download Chip Adapter Installation Instructions by Clicking this Image

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