eNut Tuning System

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I choose the eNut over other tuning systems that are on the market?

A. The eNut Tuning System is everything all the other systems on the market are not. First of all, other systems are difficult to install and require major alterations to the guitar itself. The eNut Tuning System is easy to install and requires very little, if any, alterations to your guitar besides some minor nut slot alterations.

Q. What sets the eNut Tuning System apart from other systems?

A. The eNut Tuning System is the least expensive tuning system on the market. But don’t let the price fool you. This system works! Our system requires no bridge or saddle alteration! ETS (eNut Tuning System) offers better tuning accuracy than systems costing 10 times as much. Changing string gauges does not require special adjustments be made to the system.

Q. What are the differences between the bone and metal versions?

A. First of all, both versions offer the same tuning accuracy. The metal version is easier to install. The metal version basically acts like a fret. When using the metal version the nut then becomes a string spacer and the string slots are cut deeper to allow the strings to contact the metal eNut. The bone version requires the strings slot to be cut. The bone eNut then acts an an extension to the existing nut. If you are experienced in cutting nuts then the eNut will be a breeze to install.

Q. Doesn’t bone have superior tonal qualities over metal?

A. Now that I’ve had a few months to compare the Bone and Metal eNuts tone-wise I’d like to make the following recommendations. If you’re looking for traditional tone then you definitely want the Bone version. If enhanced pick attack and harmonic sustain is your cup of tea then the Silver or Brass versions are the ticket. If you are a Floyd Rose player that wants a more traditional tone I suggest the Bone eNut. The Bone version seems to better suit the traditional single coil tone of the Tele and Strat while the Silver and Brass will add a bit of brightening to a humbucker equipped guitar.

Q. Can I use my my inexpensive quartz tuner with the eNut?

A. Yes you can and it will offer an improvement when using standard tuning. But to realize the full potential of the ETS (eNut Tuning System) a more accurate tuner is recommended.

Q. What tuner do you recommend for applying your offsets and what are offsets anyway?

A. Offsets are very slight pitch alterations made to a string. The ETS (eNut Tuning System) offsets require a tuner accurate enough to tune in cents (hundredths of a semitone). I use a Peterson VS-1. But any tuner that is accurate enough to tune in one cent increments will work.

Q. What the heck is a cent?

A. A cent is one hundredth of a semitone. For example, a semitone would be 1/12 of an octave or the equivalent of going from a G to a G sharp. Divide that note into 100 slices and you have one cent.

Q. Are the offsets you recommend using with the eNut the same as the one you have posted here in the past?

A. No they are not. The offsets I recommend using with the eNut are proprietary and will not be posted for general use by the public. They are to be used by those that purchase the system and will be sent to the buyer upon purchase.

Q. Are there more than one set of offsets to use with your system?

A. Yes, I will be creating more offsets as time goes on. Possibly for alternate tunings. I have not decided as yet whether this will be free to eNut purchasers or offered at a small fee.

Q. How do I get technical support?

A. Phone numbers will be included in an e-mail to all purchasers of the ETS. I will also include my e-mail contact info and will respond as promptly as possible.

Q. What materials are the bone and metal versions made of?

A. The bone type is cow bone. The metal versions are sterling silver and brass. I can hear no difference tone wise but some do prefer brass to nickel/silver. Aesthetically, I prefer the silver because it matches the frets. If you’re hardware is chrome you may want to chose the silver. Likewise if you have gold hardware then the brass may be a better choice. There’s no price difference between the silver and brass models.

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