True Bypass Mods

I have continually been asked if I had a mod to add True Bypass to the pedals I offer mods for. Well, here it is! You can now add True Bypass to your pedals. True Bypass pcb Circuit is 1″ x 1″ Square or 26mm x26mm.

Kit includes True Bypass pcb Module, 1″ x 1″ Double-Sided Tape, Solder, Desoldering Braid, Heat-Shrink Tubing, Decal and Easy to Follow High Rez PDF Instructions.

PLEASE READ! — At the moment I have Generic Instructions and several others that are listed in the Paypal Drop-Down menu to the right, but I am working on others and will make them available as I get them completed. If you need instructions for a particular pedal contact me and I may be able to help you.

Generic Instructions — I have Generic Instructions available in the Paypal Drop-Down menu for those that are more familiar with circuits and feel comfotable applying them to your pedal. In the Generic Instructions I include instructions for a Boss pedal as an example to help you with your particular pedal.

WARNING! — Boss are making surface mount (SMT) versions of their pedals in Malaysia. The SMT versions cannot be modded. So just make sure the version you have is the Thru-Hole version. I have created a page to help you to find out if your pedal can be modded. You can find it here.

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