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Boss BD-2 Blues Stack Mod Kit

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This is my newest mod for the BD-2. This mod is different from my H2O mod in that I have built the mod around the Dual Stacked NE5532s. Taking nothing away from the H2O, the H2O is a top selling mod for us. I just felt that because of the very unique tonal qualities of the Dual Stacked NE5532s that it would be great to build a mod around them. The stacked NE5532s is the only mod offered by anyone that finally solves the nasty splaty gain decay issue that plagues a stock BD-2. I have also eliminated the fuzz-type gain the BD-2 gives you when the gain knob is dialed up. And I am the only modder that sells the Dual Stack Adapter this mod uses. The Dual Stack Adapter was a design I came up with and is made exclusively for me. You cannot buy this adapter anywhere except at my website. The BD-2 Blues Stack Plus Mod is designed with Blues, Gospel, New Country and Classic Rock players in mind. If you’re looking for Hendrix, SRV, Rascal Flats, Led Zeppelin or any of the Classic Rock and Blues tones, you need look no further. The Blues Stack Plus delivers those tones to you and it does it with one of the warmest, most musical, natural sounding Overdrives you’ve ever heard. The gain is warm and natural with excellent pinched harmonics and excellent note clarity. Dynamics are just as good as the H2O mod, as is transparency. You can also use the Blue Stack Plus in front of an already overdriven amp to push it over the edge into sweet saturated bliss or in front of a clean channel amp for warm overdriven tones. This is a very versatile pedal after the mod. I‘ve tried the Blues Stack Plus with both Tube and Solid State amps with equally great results. In front of my Fender Cyber Deluxe (my live rig) the tones are to die for. Undeniably great tone! I will not be offering any kind of upgrade or cross-grade from my regular and H2O mods. The components I change in the Blues Stack Plus are very different from my other BD-2 mods. If you have one of my other BD-2 mods and want to try the Blues Stack Plus I recommend buying a new or used BD-2 and installing the mod it that pedal. I’ll inevitably get an e-mail from someone wanting to do the mod to an already modded Keeley, Analogman, etc. BD-2. I cannot guarantee the result if you do. The way I design mods takes several component changes to arrive at and shape the end result. Going outside of that concept will give unpredictable results. So, if you do decide to adapt the mod to an already modded BD-2 you’re on your own and I cannot guarantee you’ll be happy with the result.  Not trying to be evasive, just honest. IMPORTANT — Boss has started using surface-mount components on some of their new pedals. I’ve created a page to help you determine if your pedal is moddable. Read about it here. Chris Condon mp3 – Graciously submitted by Chris Condon Played through a BD-2 modded with my Blues Stack Mod and one of my Dyna Modded Dyna Comps. Chris is a pro player that took time out of his busy touring schedule to make this for me. Thank you Chris. Blues_Stack_Dyna_Comp.mp3 Brandon Humphrey mp3 – Graciously submitted by Brandon Humphrey A/B comparison between the clean channel with the BD-2 and the drive channel of his amp. Blues Stack.mp3  
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Boss BD-2 Blues Stack Mod Kit
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