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Boss DD-2, DD-3 & DD-5 Hi-Cut Mods

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 This is the same mod some will charge you $50.00 to $70.00 for. Get the DIY version here for $23.99. This mod adds an analog feel to the delay affect. The original signal is unaffected. Comes with a 3-way Toggle Switch, two Metal Film Capacitors, heat-shrink tubing and 24 gauge hook-up wire. One side of the switch cuts the highs in the delay and cuts each repeat more and more giving the delay a very warm analog feel. NOTE: On the DD-5 the repeat does not cut the highs in each repeat more and more. Only the initial delay is affected.

The other side cuts the highs in the delay even more for an even warmer delay affect. The middle toggle position gives you the unaffected stock delay affect. So with this mod you get 3 delay options, high-cut, more high-cut and stock unaffected delay affect. Makes an already great delay pedal even better and more versatile. Save yourself $26.00 to $46.00 and do this mod yourself! Plus, modding your own pedal is just plain fun and very self-satisfying.

WARNING!—I have found out that the new DD-3s will not work with this mod. If your DD-3 looks like this this mod will not work with your pedal. I will not be offering a mod for the new version.


Sean_Borton.mp3 Sean Borton mp3s – These mp3s were graciously supplied by Sean Borton. The clips are from Sean’s latest album “What a Party”. Sean is playing a Strat w/EMG SA (Vintage) pups through a Vox AC30 set to a clean setting. Thank you Sean for letting me use these clips. Man, what great tone Sean, Awesome!
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DD-2, DD-3, DD-5


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Boss DD-2, DD-3 & DD-5 Hi-Cut Mods
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