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Boss BD-2 / BD-H2O Mod Kit

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Boss BD-H20 DIY Pedal Mod Kits – When searching for a name to call this mod I chose H2O because it’s the symbol for water. Water can be clear or transparent and it can be light or heavy. This mod transforms the BD-2 into an almost completely transparent pedal letting the true character of your guitar, pickups and amp shine through. Not only is it almost completely transparent, it’s also extremely Dynamic. As you turn the Gain knob up on the pedal you can control the amount of gain using the volume control on your guitar. The BD-H2O will react exactly like a tube driven amp. The shriek highs and splaty gain of the stock BD-2 are completely removed. Compared to our regular BD-2 mod this mod has a much flatter EQ. My regular BD-2 Mod has a slight mid boost and a little less gain than the BD-H2O Mod. Both mods remove the shriek highs and splaty gain of the stock BD-2.

The splaty gain of the stock BD-2 is a common gripe I hear about others that offer mods for this pedal. We have removed this issue with this pedal. We also include a Super Bright 3mm White Clear LED. We also modify a resistor to increase the brightness of the LED X3. You can use the LED as a flashlight on stage after the mod, it is that bright, almost blinding. I will boldly state that this is undoubtedly the best mod on the planet for a BD-2. And the really cool part is we won’t break the bank with the price of our mods. We offer top quality parts and expert craftsmanship at very reasonable prices.

IMPORTANT — Boss has started using surface-mount components on some of their new pedals. I’ve created a page to help you determine if your pedal is moddable. Read about it here

H2O Plus mp3s (.mp3s)
Sasha_Brusin_H2O_Plus_Hum. mp3
Sasha_Brusin_Georgia. mp3

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Boss BD-2 / BD-H2O Mod Kit
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