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Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Hi-Fi Plus Mod Kit with Blinking Rate LED

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WARNING! — The OPA2134PA opamp, of which are included in many of my kits, is currently extremely hard to find. Mouser and Digikey are currently out of stock with none expected until 2024. I have hundreds in stock. BE CAREFUL BUYING THE OPA2134PA ON EBAY. THE MAJORITY ARE FAKE! Manufacturers in China are rebranding cheaper opamps and selling them as OPA2134PA opamps. I test all my OPA2134PA opamps I buy. You can easily test whether a OPA2134PA has been rebranded. Do this, take some Acetone on a Q-tip and rub across the lettering of the opamp. If it is Fake the ink used to print the labeling will dissolve into the Q-tip.

Now with a Bi-Color LED that blinks to the rate of the chorus. I’ve had a ton of requests for this one. It’s different than the CE-2 in that you have control over the lows and highs in the chorus effect and you can blend the effect in to taste. Add to that the fact that it also has a stereo out and you’ve got a very versatile chorus effect. This mod is only good for the CH-1s made before 2002. After 2002 Boss started using surface mount components. This mod will not work with CH-1 made after 2002. Your pcb must look like this.

With this mod I have increased the depth of the chorus and increased the rate of the chorus and add clarity and warmth to the effect. The Dual Chip Adapter will add clarity and presence and clean the circuit up. I also replace a few caps as some of the caps in these older pedals seem to leak and wander off tolerance over time. I think you’ll find, after doing the mod, that this is one of the best analog choruses available. The magic of this mod happens in the high frequency content of the effect where I’ve added sparkle and smoothness plus warmth. This mod enhances that effect and also enhances the spaciousness of the chorus when used in stereo.

Now With Flashing Rate BiColor LED Mod — I have added a new feature to my CH-1 mod. I have added a BiColor LED that will possess 2 functions. One will blink at the Rate the Chorus effect is set to by the Rate knob and the other will show when the effect is engaged. You can purchase the BiColor LEDs here.

Based on the availability of the Bi-Color LEDs I will include either a Blue/Red or Green/Red Bi-Color LED.

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Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Hi-Fi Plus Mod Kit with Blinking Rate LED
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