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DS-1 Tri-Gain Mod


Works With Any Regular DS-1 & Rectifier DS-1 Mods!
This kit allows users of any regular DS-1 or my DS-1 Rectifier Mod Kits to upgrade to a Tri- Gain Clipping Circuit. Notice: This Tri- Gain Upgrade kit may be used to replace any diode in any pedals clipping Circuit. This kit adds a ton of tonal options to a regular DS-1 and my Rectifier Mod.

IMPORTANT — Boss has started using surface-mount components on some of their new pedals. Stinkfoot has written a great article on how to identify the new smt pedals and how to identify those that can still be modded. Read about it here.

Pedal Model

DD-2, DD-3, DD-5


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DS-1 Tri-Gain Mod
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