Boss DD-6 Hi-Cut Mod


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Well, you asked for it and here it is! This is the one you’ve all been e-mailing and asking about. The Hi-Cut only affects the delay, the dry signal remains the unchanged. Includes a 3-way switch. Middle position of the switch gives you the stock unaltered delay. One side of the switch cuts the highs for a very warm analog feel while the other side will cut the highs even more for even a more analog vibe. Very cool! The Hi-Cut will affect Output A (Mono) Only.

No need for a kill switch on the DD-6 when using the Reverse Delay because the dry signal can be dialed out by turning the Effects Level all the way up. This is a very smooth sounding delay after the mod. So with this mod you get 3 delay options, high-cut, more high-cut and stock unaffected delay affect. Makes an already great delay pedal even better and more versatile. Save yourself $26.00 to $46.00 and do this mod yourself! Plus, modding your own pedal is just plain fun and very self-satisfying.



Sean_Borton.mp3 Sean Borton mp3s – These mp3s were graciously supplied by Sean Borton. The clips are from Sean’s latest album “What a Party”. Sean is playing a Strat w/EMG SA (Vintage) pups through a Vox AC30 set to a clean setting. Thank you Sean for letting me use these clips. Man, what great tone Sean, Awesome!


Pedal Model

DD-2, DD-3, DD-5


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Boss DD-6 Hi-Cut Mod
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