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DS-1 Roxx Tri-Gain Plus Mod


MPORTANT – This mod will only work with the newer DS-1s. The older vintage DS-1s use a different type of inline chip that is not compatible with the chip adapter. Your DS-1’s PCB must look exactly like this.

This is my newest mod for the DS-1. I’m calling it the “Roxx Tri-Gain Plus” mod because simply “It Rocks”! This is the name that came to mind right after I finished the mod.

This mod is built around a pair of NE5532 opamps. It’s pretty amazing how the NE5532s sound in this mod. All the harsh spiky highs have been removed. The stock DS-1 has a very fake sounding distortion. Not very natural sounding at all. In my opinion this is where most pedals fall short.

I will not be offering a cross-grade or upgrade for the Roxx mod because the Roxx is a complete mod rebuild. It is totally different from my Rectifier mods. This, IMO, is my best DS-1 mod to date. I built it around dual stacked NE5532s. This completely removes the fizz from the DS-1 circuit and gives the pedal a very natural sounding distortion. In fact I almost named the mod Velvet because this mod has an almost velvet type smoothness to it.

Getting a pedal to sound like an actual tube driven amp on the verge of breakup is the challenge pedal manufacturers face. I have been able to obtain that vibe with this mod. All the fake shrill gain has been replaced with a very smooth dynamic harmonically rich distortion. This is arguably my best DS-1 mod to date.

With this Kit you will receive a 3mm Super Bright Clear White LED, Solder and Desoldering Braid along with detailed easy-to-follow High Rez PDF Mod Instructions sent to you as an e-mail attachment.

IMPORTANT – Boss has started using surface-mount components on some of their new pedals. I’ve created a page to help you determine if your pedal is moddable. Read about it here.

Hear For Yourself mp3s
This mp3 was graciously submitted by Tim Bechtel. In this mp3 Tim compares all three modes of the Roxx to the stock DS-1. Thank You Tim for taking the time to make this mp3!

This Video was graciously submitted by Chris Manning. You can watch Chris’s video by clicking here. Thank You Chris for taking the time to make this Video!

Pedal Model

DD-2, DD-3, DD-5


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DS-1 Roxx Tri-Gain Plus Mod
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