Daddy-O TNT Tri-Gain Switch


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This kit allows users of my regular Daddy-O Mod Kit to upgrade to a Tri-Gain Clipping Circuit. Notice: This Tri-Gain Upgrade kit may be used to replace any diode in any pedals clipping Circuit.

This kit adds a ton of tonal options to my regular Daddy-O Mod.

IMPORTANT – Danelectro has changed the circuit of the Daddy-O. They have switched to using smd components. Please note that my mods will NOT work with this new design and I will not be offering a mod for it. The tiny smd components are next to impossible to mod or replace. If you are buying a mod for your Daddy-O open your pedal up and make sure it looks like this. If it does my mods will work with your pedal.

Mod Options

For Guitar, For Bass

LED Color

Blue, White, Yellow, Green


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Daddy-O TNT Tri-Gain Switch
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