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Boss CS-3 Ultra Mod Plus — Now for Guitar & Bass!

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My Boss CS-3 Opto Mod has changed very little since its introduction. The Opto Plus is my best selling Mod I currently sell. It is the first effect in my studio and live rigs and it is always on. So, you ask, why change it? Well, many have asked me to create specific mods for the CS-3 and I already had some ideas of how to improve an already great mod. The result is my New Boss CS-3 Ultra Plus Mod. Here is a list of the specific improvements this Mod offers.

Attack – I’ve been asked if I could smooth out the attack of the effect. With the Ultra Plus Mod I have accomplished this by smoothing out the attack and giving it a more natural feel.

Warmth – With my original Opto Mod it was my intention to preserve all the original signals frequency content while lessening noise. I have maintained all those improvements but I have added a bit of warmth and thickness to the affect. With the Ultra Plus, Warmth and Thickness increase as you dial up the Sustain Pot. This is a very cool feature of the Ultra Plus Mod.

Sparkle – Most inexpensive compressors shave a bit of the high end from the signal leaving the effect sounding a bit dull and lifeless. With the Ultra Plus Mod I wanted to add a bit of high end Sparkle to the effect. The harshness of the stock CS-3 has been eliminated and a very smooth high end Sparkle has been added to the affect.

Harmonic Content – I am a Pinched Harmonic Addict! Take a listen to Roy Buchanan on the 1962 recording of “Potato Peeler”. Another guitarist that frequently uses pinched harmonics is Eric Johnson. The effect happens when subtle harmonics are amplified. Pinched Harmonics require that fundamental frequency content be preserved. The timbre of Pinched Harmonics is greatly affected by a guitarist’s ability to maintain fundamental frequency content in their signal path. The Ultra Plus enhances the fundamental frequency content from your instrument and thus making Pinched Harmonics more musically pleasing.

PDF Instructions – I have created the CS-3 Ultra Plus Mod instructions in the popular Adobe PDF format that can be easily printed from your computer. The instructions are crystal clear and full of high-resolution pictures that clearly illustrate how to perform the mod. The PDF instructions are e-mailed to you once your order has shipped. All orders ship within 24 hours of order placement and we Ship to anywhere in the World!


IMPORTANT — Boss has started using surface-mount components on some of their new pedals. I’ve created a page to help you determine if your pedal is moddable. Read about it here.


For Guitar, For Bass


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Boss CS-3 Ultra Mod Plus — Now for Guitar & Bass!
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