TS9DX Tri-Gain Mod

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Well, I have been listening to your requests and have given them to you in this mod. You wanted more gain, you got it, you wanted more clarity, you got it, a brighter LED, you got it. You wanted me to incorporate Tri-Gain and Presence Switches like I offer in my TS9 TG Mod, well you got them! With these mods I feel this is now the best TS9DX Mod available by anyone at any price. The combinations available with the mode knob make this an extremely versatile overdrive.

The two TS9 modes are perfect for electric guitar with gobs of vibe and smooth overdrive. The Hot and Turbo modes can also be used with electric guitar but in my opinion just rock when used with a bass guitar and will give you mucho bass with thick creamy mids and a velvety thick overdrive. So one pedal, two uses.

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Blue, White, Green


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TS9DX Tri-Gain Mod
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