TS-9, TS-808 & OD-9 Tri-Gain Mod

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NOTE: The Maxon OD-9, TS9, TS808 & TS-808 Pro have the exact same PC Board

Our TS9 Kit will also work with a TS808 and a Maxon OD-9. Well, I have been listening to your requests and have given them to you in this mod. You wanted more gain, you got it, you wanted more clarity, you got it, a brighter LED, you got it, you wanted us to incorporate our popular Tri-Gain Option and you now have it.

With these mods I feel this is now the best Tube Screamer Mod available by anyone at any price. The combinations available with the two switches make this an extremely versatile overdrive.

We’ve doubled the gain and added a Tri-Gain Switch that lets you choose between two LEDs, two 1N914 Diodes and a Diode Lift in the middle position. The LEDs will give you a coarser gain that is thick and fat with added bass and volume. The 1N914 side will give you the stock gain of a Tube Screamer and the middle Diode Lift position gives you an incredible volume boost with tons of crunch. The other switch toggles between two Metal Film Capacitors of different values. One of the Capacitors firms up the mids and bass while the other Capacitor adds presence and clarity. Very useful when switching between both single-coil and humbucker equipped guitars. One of our most popular mods just got better!

Tube Screamer Tri-Gain Sound Sample – This mp3 was recorded on a Strat with a DiMarzio PAF Pro at the bridge and two DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pups at the neck and middle positions. The amp was a 2000 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the mic was a SM57.

Tube Screamer_Tri_Gain.mp3

Pedal Model

TS-9, Maxon OD-9, TS-808, TS-808 Pro

LED Color

Blue, White, Green


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TS-9, TS-808 & OD-9 Tri-Gain Mod
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