DOD OD-250/YJM308 Gray 250 Tri-Gain Mod Plus

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Vintage DOD Gray 250 – The Vintage Gray 250 is a highly sought after pedal. Fetching ridiculous prices ($400+) on eBay. With this mod I take the DOD 250 and the YJM308 to Vintage Gray 250 specs. The thing that makes the Vintage 250 Grays so desirable is its articulate warm tone. The 1458 opamp is where the magic starts. Based on availability I will either include the LM1458 or the MC1458. Both have the same specs and to my ears sound identical. I also include a couple of smaller knobs. I have always disliked the huge knobs. Also included is a 3-way switch. This switch toggles between a pair of 1N914 Diodes, a pair of 4002 Diodes and the middle position which lifts the diodes from the circuit giving a huge volume boost and enhanced crunch.

I know I’ll inevitably get an e-mail wanting to know if I have a mod for true bypass for these pedals. In my opinion the pedals don’t need TB. There’s very little capacitance happening with the effect engaged. If you’d like to add an LED or true bypass there’s a ton of info on the net on how to do it. I also include a Boss-Style DC Jack Mod to replace the stock DC adapter. Please don’t e-mail me about LED and TB mods. I will not be offering those mods. NOTE: The OD 250 & YJM308 pcb boards are exactly the same.

Hear For Yourself!

Vintage Gray 250.mp3
Vintage Gray 250 High Gain.mp3

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For Guitar, For Bass


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DOD OD-250/YJM308 Gray 250 Tri-Gain Mod Plus
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