MXR M-104 Distortion Plus Tri-Gain Mod

Pedal Type

This mod is for the newer version, not the vintage version of the Distortion Plus. Here’s what your¬†pcb¬†should look like.

In my opinion, stock, this pedal is terrible. At low volume it’s just okay but as you dial up the gain the effect just falls apart and gets extremely thin and loses bottom. Plus the distortion is fizzy and all over the place. The pedal would be okay for a boost at lower gain but there’s hardly any volume with the gain dialed down. So what I did was add bass to the circuit, add volume and remove the spiky and fizzy highs. I added a SPDT switch with 3 modes. With the mod applied this pedal is transformed into a great boost/distortion pedal that is both FAT and Cruchy. Although you can get some very smooth type overdrive from the mod that is not its strength. With the gain dialed up in front of either a clean or already overdriven amp you get harmonically rich tones that will explode off the neck of the guitar.

LED Color

Blue, White, Green


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MXR M-104 Distortion Plus Tri-Gain Mod
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