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Download a Sample of my PDF Instructions by clicking here.

Pedal Mod Kits – Instructions Only – I’m making my Mod Kit Easy-to-Follow Mod Instructions available separately for those that want to supply their own parts. IMPORTANT – These Instructions are supplied in an e-mail attachment in High Rez PDF Format that will be sent after payment has been sent. Sorry, No MGB on Mod Instruction sales. All sales final.

Note: All Kits with parts include the instructions which are sent as an e-mail attachment after purchase. So if you buy one of the kits that come with parts you do not have to purchase the instructions separately. — Monte Allums

WARNING – All of our kits include electronic instructions that are sent as an e-mail attachment after your purchase. Some of you are not receiving them because your ISP or Mail Client is blocking the (.zip attachment) file as a Virus or as Spam. Please understand that we have no control over this. If you order a Mod Kit and or Instructions and don’t receive the Electronic Instructions you will need to supply us with another e-mail address so we can resend the instructions to you. We will need proof of the purchase so I suggest you either include the PayPal ID number or let us know the e-mail address you used when you purchased the kit. – Monte Allums

Pedal Type

Boss BD2 Monte Mod Plus, Boss BD-2 Blues Stack, Boss BD2 Mod, Boss BDH2O Mod, Boss BDH2O Plus, Boss BF2 Flanger Plus, Boss CE2 CE2B Mod, Boss CE3 Hi-Fi Mod, Boss CH1 Hi-Fi Plus Mod, Boss CS2 Hi-F Plus, Boss CS3 Add Bass Switch, Boss CS3 Noise Decimator, Boss CS3 Opto Mod, Boss CS3 Opto Plus, Boss CS3 Ultra Plus, Boss DD2 DD3 HiCut Mod, Boss DD5 HiCut Mod, Boss DD6 HiCut Mod, Boss DF2 TG Mod, Boss DS1 MIJ Vintage TG Plus, Boss DS1 Rect Vin, Boss DS1 Rectifier, Boss DS1 Roxx TG Plus, Boss DS1 TG Plus Rectifier, Boss DS1 TG Rect Vin Mod, Boss DS1 TG Rectifier, Boss GE7 New Mod, Boss GE7 Plus Mod, Boss GE7 Vintage Mod, Boss GEB7 New Mod, Boss GEB7 Plus Mod, Boss HM2 Vintage Plus Mod Kit, Boss LM-2B Bass Limiter Plus Mod, Boss MD2 Distortion Plus, Boss MT2 Quad-Gain Plus, Boss MT2 Sustainia, Boss MT2 TG Sustainia Plus, Boss MT2 TG Sustainia, Boss NS-2 Mod Older Version A Plus, Boss NS-2 Mod Older Version B Plus, Boss NS-2 smd Mod Plus, Boss OD-2 Turbo Mod, Boss OD3 Plus DG Mod, Boss ODB3 Plus TG Mod, Boss OS2 DG Plus, Boss PQ-3B Hi-Fi Plus Mod, Boss PQ-4 HiFi Plus Mod, Boss SD1 GT, Boss SD1 Mod, Boss SD1 Stacked Plus, Boss SD2 Dual OD Plus Mod, Boss SD808 Mod, Boss TR2 Plus Mod New, Boss TR2 Plus Mod Old, Daddy O TG Mod Kit, Digitech Bad Monkey Screamin' Mod, DOD 250 YJM308 Gray 250 Plus, Dying Battery Voltage Mod, Dyna Comp Mod Rev E, Dyna Comp New Mod, Dyna Comp Vintage Mod, Dyna Comp Vintage True Bypass LED Mod, EHX Bass Soul Food Son of Klon Mod, EHX Soul Food Son of Klon Mod, FabTone Fuzzy Navel Mod Kit, FabTone Fuzzy Navel Mod Kit, MXR Dist Plus TG Mod, MXR Micro Flanger Volume Mod, Nobels ODR-1 Mod, Sparkle Drive Tri-Gain Plus Mod, TS5 Mod Kit, TS7 Mod Kit, TS9 Mod Kit, TS9 TG Mod, TS9DX Tri-Gain Mod, VooDoo Labs Analog Chorus Mod, YDR RAT2 FAT RAT Mod


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Pedal Mod PDF Instructions
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