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MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Mod

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This kit is exactly the same as my regular MT-2 Sustainia Mod but with a switch. The switch will offer 3 gains. One side will engage the 1N34A diodes and one side the LEDs. The middle will bypass the diodes altogether which will give you a very overdrive type gain structure with the gain turned down.

This toggle switch makes the Sustainia a very versatile pedal. One that will cover the heavier stuff for the metal heads and the bluesier stuff for rock and blues players. You will not believe the smooth thick gain the LEDs give you. This is a solo players dream mod!

Hear For Yourself! (.mp3s)
MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Plus Sound Samples – This mp3 was graciously recorded and sent to me by Sasha Brusin. Sasha recorded it using an MT-2 modded with my new Sustainia Tri-Gain Plus Mod with a Chip Adapter and a OPA2134PA Burr Brown Chip. The clip was recorded directly into Guitar Rig, set for a CLEAN Plexi emulation. Delay was added for ambience, nothing else. Man, can this cat play! Thank You Sasha!


MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Sound Samples – This mp3 was graciously recorded and sent to me by Jo Ellis. Joe recorded it using an MT-2 modded with my Sustainia Tri-Gain Mod. Here’s how Joe recorded it….. Both were done in (LED clipping mode) in front of my NMV Marshall JMP Super Bass half-stack. The guitar used is a custom built Les Paul loaded with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers. Because the amp stays clean even with the volume pretty high up (volume for the recording was between 5-6), I used the pedal for some boost and the pedal’s distortion at about 10:00. Thanx Joe for the great tones and for sharing you music with us! – Monte Allums!



MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Video – This video was graciously supplied by

Mark Burkert. Mark is playing a Suhr guitar and solos at 3:18 in the video. Mark is also using a GE-7 modded with one of my kits that he uses to boost his solos. Thank you Mark for sharing your music with us.

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MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Mod
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