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MT-2 Sustainia Mod


This is my second Mod for the MT-2. I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking if there are any mods that will clean up the pedal when the gain is turned down and also reduce noise. My MT-2 Sustainia Mod has accomplished both of these requests. I have also flattened out the EQ and enhanced sustain. Now with the tone controls at 12 O’clock the EQ is almost totally flat with a mild fattening of the signal. The gain will now go from clean boost to crunchy overdrive to a take-no-prisoners distortion with sustain for days. You will not believe the sustain this mod will give you!

But, for those that prefer more gain with no clean boost I include instructions and two 1N34A Germanium Diodes that will give you that, along with a much smoother gain structure and enhanced sustain. So, depending on your particular tonal needs, this mod will cover both areas and it does both very well. My MT-2 Sustainiac Mod completely transforms a very harsh nasally pedal into one of the sweetest tastiest overdrive/distortion pedals available at any price. This is, without a doubt, the best mod for a MT-2 that’s available anywhere at any price!

Hear For Yourself! (.mp3s)

MT2 Sustainia.mp3 — MT-2 Sustainia Sound Samples – Played entirely through a Boss MT-2 modded with our Sustainiac Mod Kit. Played on A Strat through a stock Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp mic’d with a SM57. The Uni-Vibe type Chorus effect is a Yamaha MagicStomp II. I also used our new CS-3 Opto Compressor on this mp3. This is one FAT and Transparent Compressor after the mod. Absolutely smokes any compressor at any price.

M_McGlenn.mp3 — MT-2 Sustainia Sound Bite – Submitted by Michael McGlenn. Thank you Michael for this soundbite. Played on a ESP MI Custom W/EMG81. Mic was a Rode NT3 Condenser played into a Vox AD50 VT W/450MS. Amp delay was added. If you have any questions about the setup please contact Michael at no_spam_inspirit@mindspring.com

heavy_metal.mp3 — MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Heavy Metal Sound Samples – Ibanez S520EX w/ EMG 81X Bridge pickup -> MT-2 Sustania -> Peavey ValveKing 112 Combo Clean Channel w/Eminence Man-O-War -> SM57. A little bit of the amp’s built in reverb was used. That’s it. If you’re into metal this mod is right up your alley!

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MT-2 Sustainia Mod
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