DL4, DM4, FM4 & MM4 Line 6 Stompbox Modeler Mods Less Switches

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— Volume Drop Fix Mod
— Super Bright LED Replacement

— Voltage Diode Replacement
— Voltage Capacitor Replacement
— Easy to Follow PDF Instructions Sent after Purchase

This mod will work with all of the Line 6 Stompbox Modelers. All the Stompbox modelers use the exact same PCB.

The DL4 is a great delay pedal. I’ve used them in the studio and live for several years. But as is the case with many mass produced pedals, Line 6 cut a few corners to bring the price point down. The switches are usually the first to go. The DL4 is also very susceptible to voltage changes. As a result there are a few areas in the circuit that over time usually go bad and need to be replaced. If your DL4 suddenly fails to start up, first check the power supply with a Multi-Meter. If the power supply is good then there’s something inside the DL4 that is the problem. Now granted I cannot cover every possible cause of your issue here, but there are some common areas to look at that are simple to fix with the right tools and a little time. With this mod I address the most common causes of problems with the Line 6 Stompbox Modelers.

Some people want to know why Line 6 hasn’t addressed these issues. Well, why should they? If a DL4 goes south, Line 6 knows they are going to make money on repairs and or sell more product. Simple economics. Don’t forget Music Man Amps. They were made so well there were no residual monies to be made on repairs. That helped contribute to their failure as a company.

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Blue, White, Yellow, Green


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DL4, DM4, FM4 & MM4 Line 6 Stompbox Modeler Mods Less Switches
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