MXR Micro Flanger Volume Fix Mod Kit

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This mod fixes the volume issue with the MXR Micro Flanger. This is a great Flanger but the stock version is almost unusable because the effect, when engaged, has a huge volume increase. This mod fixes this issue by letting you match the bypass volume with the Pot I include. Before you order make sure your pcb looks like this.

MXR_Micro_Flanger_Volume_Mod.mp3 — Recorded with a Strat into a MXR Micro Flanger modded with my MXR Micro Flanger Volume Mod into a Moreland Diamondback Tube Amp. A touch of Reverb and delay were added in Studio One. I used a variety of modes and settings throughout the mp3.

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For Guitar, For Bass

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Blue, White, Green


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MXR Micro Flanger Volume Fix Mod Kit
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