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Boss NS-2 Mod Hi-Fi Plus Mod (Older Through-Hole Version B)

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WARNING! — The OPA2134PA opamp, of which are included in many of my kits, is currently extremely hard to find. Mouser and Digikey are currently out of stock with none expected until 2023. I have hundreds in stock. BE CAREFUL BUYING THE OPA2134PA ON EBAY. THE MAJORITY ARE FAKE! Manufacturers in China are rebranding cheaper opamps and selling them as OPA2134PA opamps. I test all my OPA2134PA opamps I buy. You can easily test whether a OPA2134PA has been rebranded. Do this, take some Acetone on a Q-tip and rub across the lettering of the opamp. If it is Fake the ink used to print the labeling will dissolve into the Q-tip.

I’ve used a Boss NS-2 for years. Great for Bass or Guitar. They are a very convenient way to knock down noise. I also use mine to mute my signal when changing guitars and to Daisy Chain power to my other pedals on my board. The NS-2s send and return feature makes it a very handy tool in any rig. The stock NS-2 is a great tool to have but it does suck some of the life from your tone. It’s not as bad as some pedals I’ve played but it does blanket the frequencies a bit.

This is especially noticeable in the higher frequencies. By replacing two of the lower quality opamps with much higher quality opamps, and replacing a few critical components in the circuit with higher quality parts, you’ll find the tone of the modded NS-2 to have more clarity and fullness. I also beef up one of the voltage caps. I find this adds a bit of girth and fullness to the mids and bass. With these changes I have substantially improved the tone and effect of the NS-2. You’ll also find that the noise threshold knob will now have a more even sweep.

WARNING!– I now offer three versions. Two older Through-hole versions, the Older Vintage Versions A & B and the newer smd surface-mount version. If your pcb looks like this order the Older Version A and If your pcb looks like this order the Older Version B if it looks like this order the Newer smd Surface Mount Version. Use the drop down menu to chose the correct version for your pedal. There are other pcb versions so make sure you check your pedal before you order.

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Older Version B


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Boss NS-2 Mod Hi-Fi Plus Mod (Older Through-Hole Version B)
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