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Boss OD-2 Turbo OverDrive Mod Kit

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Even though it’s no longer in production there are thousands of these pedals being used by people all over the world. What I have done with this mod is improve several areas in the circuit. First, we have modified the voltage giving the pedal more headroom and improving the quality of the effect. The pedal can now be used with a standard Boss PSA power 9V adapter.

We have also upgraded several key components in the circuit with higher quality components. This will add clarity, fullness and a much more focused tone to the circuit.

The OD-2 was created as a replacement for the OD-1 in the mid 1980s. The OD-1 was already legendary so following up to it was in impossible task. The design goal was to create a pedal with two modes. In mode one its sound should be similar to the OD-1 but in the turbo mode it should have more distortion and more gain. A tone control is included to give the user better control over the sound. The OD-2 is built using only discrete components (no integrated circuits).

The OD-2 production moved from Japan to Taiwan late 1988. After the production was discontinued, 1994, the pedal continued its life as the slightly modified OD-2R for another 4 years.

I found the tone of the OD-2 to be rather fizzy with too much top end sizzle in the gain and it was lacking bass. I also found the volume to be too low for it to be used as a clean boost or as a leed boost. The gain structure lacked harmonics and was not very tube-like. The gain as it faded out was also very splatty and uneven.

The OD-2 is built using only discrete components (no opamps). The Non-Turbo Mode uses 3 diodes and I offer different options to alter this modeís gain. The Turbo Mode doesnít use diodes to create the gain, it uses discrete jFET transistors. But we can shape that mode using other mods that are included.

I love the way this one turned out. The mod transforms this rather bland OD into a very dynamic useable Overdrive! The added volume will also allow the user to use it as a clean boost or as a volume boost for soaring leeds. I also offer a cap upgrade for the OD-2. The electrolytic capacitors in these old vintage pedals have a tendency to leak and lose tolerance over time.

By replacing these capacitors it can breath new life into the effect. Together with the regular mod the cap upgrade will resurrect this vintage OD and shape it into a great sounding vintage OD!

WARNING — These mods only work with the OD-2 and will not work on the OD-2r. The OD-2r’s circuit is very different than the original OD-2.

Mod Options

Without Cap Upgrade, With Cap Upgrade

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Blue, Green, Yellow, White


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Boss OD-2 Turbo OverDrive Mod Kit
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