VooDoo Labs Sparkle Drive Tri-Gain Plus Mod Mod — Now for Guitar & Bass!

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This is my personal favorite of all the TS type circuits available. Very versatile. The real magic happens with the Dual Stack RC4558Ps and the Tri-Gain Switch. The Dual Stack RC4558s will lessen noise slightly and increase the headroom slightly. The gain takes on this very smooth and even structure with a much more Tube-Like vibe. With the Ti-Gain Switch you get 3 very usable gain modes. I retain the stock gain mode with two 1N914 Diodes. In the middle mode the diodes are lifted from the clipping circuit yielding a huge volume boost with a ton of crunch and edge. But in my opinion the real magic happens on the LED side of the switch. In this mode the Sparkle Drive takes on this wonderful bloom that erupts into this gorgeous sounding Tube-Like overdrive. This is a wonderful mod for an already great sounding pedal. With this mod I just made it 2X better!

WARNING! — As far as I know the Sparkle Drive has not changed since its introduction but I am not certain. Please open your pedal up and make sure the pcb looks like this.

I’ve had a ton of requests for this one. The Sparkle Drive is actually pretty decent stock but has a tendency to be rather fizzy in the gain structure and there’s a loss of bass when the gain is blended in with the signal. I have solved both of these issues, incorporated my Dual Stack Adapter and also added a few twists of my own that will transform this pedal into a really great OD. I have also increased the amount of available gain. The Stacked RC4558Ps will give the gain a much more amp-like structure. It will also enhance pick attack and note clarity. This mod will only affect the gain side of the circuit. The clean side remains the same.

Sparkle_Drive.mp3 — Played through a custom made Strat with Fender Vintage Hot pups into a modded Sparkle Drive into a Blackfaced 1975 Super Reverb. Mic’s with a Sanken CU-41 Condenser Mic.

LED Color

Blue, White, Green

Mod Options

For Guitar, For Bass


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VooDoo Labs Sparkle Drive Tri-Gain Plus Mod Mod — Now for Guitar & Bass!
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