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If you’re looking for an insane amount of distortion you may like the stock Fab Tone. I’m not one of them.

What I discovered while working on the mod is it can be modded to sound like a really great Fuzz pedal. The saturation and harmonics are truly great. I can absolutely nail the guitar tones in “The Guess Who’s” ‘American Woman’. When time permits I will demonstrate that tone below.

This is a fairly simple mod with very few part changes and the pcb is easy to work on. This one’s going on my live board! One of the best Fuzz Pedals after the mod I have ever played..


Fab Tone Fuzzy Navel.mp3 — Strat into Fab Tone with Fuzzy Navel Mod into a Moreland Diamondback amp. Recorded into Studio One VIA an Apollo Firewire interface. Reverb and delay added in Studio One.

IMPORTANT – Danelectro has changed the circuit of the Fab Tone. They have switched to using smd components. Please note that my mods will NOT work with this new design and I will not be offering a mod for it. The tiny smd components are next to impossible to mod or replace. If you are buying a mod for your Fab Tone open your pedal up and make sure it looks like this. If it does my mods will work with your pedal

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Blue, White, Green

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For Guitar, For Bass


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Fab Tone Fuzzy Navel Mod
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