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SD-1 Dual Gain Upgrade Kits


Works With Both Regular SD-1 & SD-808 SD-1 Mods!
SD-1 Dual Gain Upgrade Kit – This kit allows users of my regular SD-1 and SD-808 Mod Kits to upgrade to a Dual-Gain Circuit. Notice: This Dual-Gain Upgrade kit may be used on any stock or modded SD-1. With this kit you can switch between the stock lower gain mode for clean boost and smoother gain and a 2X Gain setting that will give the circuit both added presence and double the amount of gain. This mod makes for a very versatile SD-1.

With this Kit you will receive one 2.2k-ohm Resistor, one Toggle Switch, 24 Ga. Wire and Heat Shrink Tubing. Very easy to follow illustrated instructions are sent VIA e-mail attachment along with paper instructions sent with the parts.

Mod Options

For Guitar, For Bass

LED Color

Blue, White, Yellow, Green


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SD-1 Dual Gain Upgrade Kits
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