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The Nobels ODR-1 is a staple of many professional players. It’s low cost and well known reputation make it a very popular pedal. I liked the pedal stock right out of the box but after some time playing it I felt it was lacking a few things.

First, the gain felt a bit compressed and loose and can be a bit on the harsh side. I didn’t mess with the EQ of the pedal other than sweeten the highs. The thing is about as transparent as they come.

I have tightened up the gain and made it more focused. To me the stock pedal just felt too loose. The gain after the mod sounds more natural and much smoother. If you liked the ODR-1 before the mod you’ll love it after.

WARNING — They have started using surface-mount circuitry and this mod will not work on those pedals. Please make sure your pcb looks like this.

Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1_2.mp3 Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1_5.mp3 Opto_ODR1_Reverse.mp3
Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1_3.mp3 Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1_6.mp3 Opto_ODR1_2.mp3
Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1_4.mp3 Opto_Line6-DL4_ODR1.mp3 Opto_ODR1.mp3
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Blue, White, Green


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Nobels ODR-1 Mod
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