Eagle String and Fretboard Cleaner without Lemon Oil

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I offer this String & Fretboard Cleaner with and without Lemon Oil.  I prefer the formula with Lemon Oil.  But some feel Lemon Oil is bad for Strings, Maple Fretboards, and some finishes.  For those, I decided to offer the Cleaner without Lemon Oil.  

I have a good friend that is a Chemist and I have worked with him over the years to create this special blend of natural oils to use on all my Stringed Instruments.  Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Banjo, etc.  When changing strings I will use a soft-bristle toothbrush and saturate my Fretboard and gently scrub the surface until clean.  I recommend using any Lent-Free cloth for wiping down the Fretboard afterward.  Once new strings are installed I will use a Lent-Free Handkerchief and apply a small amount on the new strings.  This will help reduce friction and wear between the strings and frets and also makes applying string bends smoother and easier.  Both formulas contain no harsh solvents that will damage the strings, fretboard or finish of your instrument.

Both formulas are completely safe to use on any type of instrument finish.  I’ve even used both versions on Maple Necks that were only finished with Tung Oil.  Will not damage frets or the glue that is used to install frets.  Wiping down your instrument’s strings and fretboard with this cleaner after each playing session will enhance the tone of the strings and lengthen the time between string changes.

Sold in 4-oz. Squeezable Dropper bottles for easy application.  Just toss a bottle in with a Lint-Free Handkerchief into your Gig Bag and you’re ready for a clean playing experience.

Removes grime and returns your Fretboard to its original luster Keeps grime away by providing an invisible sealant against stains and moisture 4 oz. Bottle with applicator top.

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Eagle String and Fretboard Cleaner without Lemon Oil
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