.006″ Thick Jaguar Copper Pickguard Shield

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We now offer the thickest Copper Pickguard Shields on the Net! These .006″ Thick Copper Pickguard Shields will fit both righty and lefty guitars. These are High-Quality Laser Cut Shields (not hand cut like our competitors now offer). Our shields have been patterned after a Fender Jaguar pickguard, and is therefore a direct fit for USA / AVRI model Jaguars, but can easily be trimmed to fit ANY Jaguar (MIM, MIJ, Squier).

Start enjoying the noise-canceling benefits of a fully shielded Pickguard. Also eliminates static buildup some pickguards exhibit. I Guarantee these to fit Genuine Fender American Pickguards but some adjustment may be necessary for third party manufacturers.

Warmoth — If you have a Warmoth Jaguar this shield will require quite a bit of trimming to work. Although difficult, if you have the patience it can be done. Our copper can be trimmed with scissors.

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For Righty, For Lefty


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.006″ Thick Jaguar Copper Pickguard Shield
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