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Picfit Fits the Contour of your Thumb — Available in .71mm (Medium) and .96mm (Heavy). This Dark Blue Pearloid Guitar Pick is easy to grip and is extremely comfortable to use. Since I started using these I cannot use any other type guitar pick. It is truly a revolutionary design. Comes in conventional Teardrop Shape and toneful Pearloid Material. Comes in Dark Blue only. I absolutely guarantee you’ll love this Guitar Pick!

SPEED — An extra benefit of the Picfit is it’s unique ability to enhance speed for those that sweep-pick. The unique curved tip of the Picfit allows the player speedier movement across the strings by virtue of the unique shape of the tip of the Picfit, A regular shaped pick requires more friction when sweep picking. The unique curved tip of the Picfit allows the pick to sweep across the strings with less friction which enhances a players speed.
Using the Picfit, at first, will require a bit of getting used to because of the curvature of the tip. It places the pick more to the center part of your thumb, where as before the tip was directly between the index finger and thumb. But once you get used to this you’ll find, as I did, the unique properties of the Picfit enhances both speed and your ability to hold the pick without it slipping.

Pick Thickness

.71mm Medium, .96mm Heavy


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The Picfit Guitar Pick
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