Bone eNut Kit for Guitar or Bass


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Includes Bone eNut, Custom Tuning Offsets, Sand Paper and Exacto Saw Blade for Cutting Nut Slots. 100% Real Cow Bone! If you’ve always wanted the tone that only Real Cow Bone can offer this should definitely be your choice. Simply place in front of you’re existing nut and start enjoying the tonal and intonation benefits that the Bone eNut will allow you to achieve. Note: Bone eNuts are 1.75″ long and may not be long enough for some bass nuts. In this case you’ll need to order the Silver eNut and specify length needed so we can custom cut one for you.  I generally cut the metal eNuts for guitar at about 2 inches.  Bass eNuts are cut at about 2.5 inches.  If you need a custom length let me know and I can customize a size to fit your guitar.

Individual String Compensation
Above is a Bone eNut that I custom cut for a recent client. This is extremely easy to do with the bone version. Click on the image above to enlarge. Simply file the Bone eNut until the desired string compensation is reached. The options are endless. Unlike other systems the eNut is an attractive addition and doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of your guitar. NOTE: I do not sell a Bone eNut that has already been compensted like in the picture here. I simply included this pic to show users that it is possible and easy to do.

Absolute Tuning Nirvana at an Unbelievable Price!

Unsurpassed Tuning Accuracy • We Sell All the Tools Needed Right Here.
PayPal Accepted • Pick from Either Bone, Brass or Silver • Priority Shipping Available

The Problem
Chords sound out of tune at the first 3 frets at the nut because notes, when fretted, are sharp.

How to Solve the Problem
Correct the sharp notes so that the chords ring true and in tune by moving the nut closer to the first fret.

The Solution
The eNut. The eNut is a small strip of bone or metal that is placed up against your exiting nut correcting the intonation problems at the first 3 frets by moving the nut closer to the first fret.

The Problem
Bar chords sound out of tune, especially on high-gain settings.

The Solution
ETS Tuning Offsets. These are very slight pitch adjustments made to the strings when tuning. NOTE: these offsets are not applied to the saddles. Saddle Intonation is set the usual way. Bar chords and chords at the nut will sound much sweeter and like they should, IN TUNE! The ETS Tuning Offsets are pretty amazing as is evidenced by our many customer testimonials and positive feedback left at eBa

ATTENTION SLIDE PLAYERS! – The Bone and Metal eNuts may also be used at the nut to raise the strings for easier slide playing. The .081″ Silver or Brass eNut and the Bone version are the perfect height for this purpose.

How it Works
The under $25 Tuning Solution. The eNut™, when used with my custom tempered tuning offsets, gives you a guitar that plays in tune anywhere on the neck. The eNut™ bone and metal nut extensions effectively compensate for the sharpening that occurs at the nut on the first few frets. As a result an E major chord at the nut will now sound like it’s suppose to, in tune. The G string no longer stands out like a sore thumb.  We all know how power bar chords sound out of tune on high gain settings. Not any more! And more importantly, for those of you that prefer not to use my tempered tuning offsets and prefer to tune to standard pitch, the eNut™ will still give you a more in tune guitar.

The eNut™ comes in both bone and metal versions that will fit any acoustic, electric or bass guitar. The bone version requires no alteration to your guitar. The metal version does require the deepening of your nut slots. You don’t even have to glue them down. The extensions simply fit up next to your existing nut and acts as an extension. All you have to do is file the string slots and start enjoying the benefits of playing in tune.
Prior to the present tuning systems on the market today, attempts have been made to achieve better intonation by bringing the nut closer to the bridge than the rule of 18 standard. The Mosrite Guitar Company advertised in the 1950’s the improvement of intonation achieved by this method. Individual luthiers have built and customized guitars by relocating the nut, with various degrees of success.

The other two popular tuning systems on the market implement varying amounts of compensation at the nut. Their reasoning is that string gauge and other variables require different nut compensation. While nut compensation is indeed very important, it, alone, cannot solve the issues of dissonance between certain notes. Compensation addresses the sharpening that occurs at the first few frets but slight pitch alterations (called offsets) are required for accurate intonation to be achieved. This is what sets the eNut Tuning System apart from the competition. Our offsets are the best available and eliminate dissonance between the problematic note combinations.


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Bone eNut Kit for Guitar or Bass
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