Bone and Metal eNuts Now Sold Separately

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Simply select the size and type of eNut you’d like. Choose from Bone, Silver or Brass. The Bone eNut comes in one size that may be used for Bass or Guitar. The metal Brass and Silver eNuts are available in .051″, .064″ and .081″ heights. Choose the .081″ for Bass Guitar, the .051″ for smaller fretted guitars and .064″ for medium and jumbo fretted Guitars. The Bone version comes in 1.75″ lengths only. We cut the metal eNut lengths at 2″, if you need a custom length please let us know when ordering. I generally cut the metal eNuts for guitar at about 2 inches.  Bass eNuts are cut at about 2.5 inches.  If you need a custom length let me know and I can customize a size to fit you guitar. Note: Tuning Offsets are not included. Those can be purchased separately.

Who Will Benefit from an eNut?
If your guitar plays sharp at the first fret then your guitar will benefit from the Bone or Metal eNut. All of my 25 guitars have been fitted with an eNut with the exception of one, a Taylor acoustic. It does not play sharp at the first fret. A simple test with an accurate tuner will reveal to you if your instrument needs an eNut. If your guitar plays accurate at the first fret then all you need to purchase are my offsets. I have made them available separately just for this reason. Also, I’m getting tons of positive feedback from eNut buyers that have purchased the brass version of the eNut. It seems the Brass eNut is having a very positive effect on their tone and sustain.   I’ve heard that some prefer the tone of a brass nut over bone so it’s good to hear the Brass eNut is having a positive affect. I use the Brass version on all my Teles for this very reason and have been extremely happy with the results. I’ve also gotten reports from some using the Metal eNut and slotting it rather than shaving and filing it down. Doing this has allowed them to install the Metal eNut without altering the original nut. Keep those e-mails and calls coming. The eNut is already making a positive impact on players around the world. At such a low cost no one should ever have to play an out of tune instrument again!

mp3 eNut Samples
Well, don’t take my word for it. I have recorded some Audio Samples of a Strat fitted with the Bone eNut and a Parker Nitefly fitted with the Metal eNut.

eNut Bone Samples –
Fender Strat
eNut Bone Sample 1.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 2.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 3.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 4.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 5.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 6.mp3
eNut Bone Sample 7.mp3
eNut Metal Samples –
Parker Nitefly
eNut Metal Sample 1.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 2.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 3.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 4.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 5.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 6.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 7.mp3
eNut Metal Sample 8.mp3
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eNut Bone Guitar, eNut Bone Bass, eNut Silver .051", eNut Silver .064", eNut Silver .081", eNut Brass .051", eNut Brass .064", eNut Brass .081"


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Bone and Metal eNuts Now Sold Separately
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