Version 4 Fully Assembled OD-308s Now Available!


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Black Label OD-308s – The current waiting list is 4 to 8 weeks. Full payment is required up front. Depending on my work load more time may be required. If you’ve been holding off ordering I would recommend you order now. I expect Version 4 to be in big demand.

WARNING — There’s aa 12 week waiting list for these assembled OD-308s.  I assemble these myself and demand has been off the charts!  Payment is required up front.

Version 4 Now Shipping — I have been listening to your requests. Many wanted more Bass and less of a midhump with more dynamics and Version 4 delivers all three.

So, exactly what is an OD-308? It is an Overdrive/Distortion that possesses all the qualities I’ve always wanted in an Overdrive/Distortion. It’s based on a RAT2 circuit but with lots of changes. I’ve taken all the great qualities of the RAT (smooth FAT Cutting Gain with Rich Harmonics) and enhanced them. And I removed all the things I didn’t like (fuzziness, mushy and bassy gain when distortion knob is maxxed, unfocused gain structure).

The OD-308 is really three pedals in one. The 3-way toggle switch gives you 3 very different options. FAT Mode — triggers an LED for a FAT, Smooth, Harmonically Rich Gain. FINE Mode — triggers two 4002 Diodes for a Super Rich, FAT and Smooth Gain that is unbelievable for Pinched Harmonics. BOOST Mode — the middle position of the toggle switch, is perfect for creating a Silky Smooth Clean Boost. BOOST Mode is also great for crunch and that Famous “Marshall Brown Sound”.

This is, by far, the best OD/Distortion pedal I have ever played. It is “The Sound” I’ve always heard in my head but was unable to achieve until now! If you’re unhappy with your tone or maybe you are happy and just want another great OD Pedal to add to your arsenal, the OD-308 is definitely for You!


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Version 4 Fully Assembled OD-308s Now Available!
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