Allums VersaDrive Version 2 DIY Kit


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Some pedals are EQ’d to boost or cut certain frequencies and are voiced in a way that emphasizes certain harmonic content of the original signal. A good example is the TS9. The stock TS9 cuts bass and boosts the mids while producing a very smooth warm overdrive. Because of the TS9s voicing there are some amps and pedals that do not work well in combination with the TS9.

With the VersaDrive I wanted to design a circuit that would render a flat frequency response once the effect was engaged. I also wanted the overdrive to feel organic and respond to volume in much the same way as a driven tube amp would. This was a real challenge. Several revisions and prototypes later the VersaDrive was birthed. Its strength is as a boost and driving an already overdriven amp or as a stand alone OD pedal.

When placed in front of an overdriven amp the VersaDrive when engaged takes your tone to another level. Unlike some boosts or overdrive pedals the VersaDrive will not muddy your tone. Note definition, clarity and harmonic content are enhanced thus taking your base tone to a higher plane. But lets say you play through a clean amp and use pedals for you distortion or overdrive. The VersaDrive is equally as good in front of you favorite distortion or overdrive or as a stand alone OD pedal.

If you’re looking to boost your solos try placing the VD after you distortion/overdrive. You’ll find that the VD will add Note definition, clarity and harmonic content to your rig. But lets say you’re looking for more gain from your favorite OD. Just place the VD before your distortion/overdrive and use it to drive the input stage for more distortion or overdrive.

There are 3 switch modes on the VersaDrive. The switch in the down position injects a 1N34A Germanium Diode into the clipping circuit. This will give the gain a very subtle softening affect. I call this Vintage Mode. If you’re looking for smoother tones use this mode. The up position engages another 1N914 Diode into the clipping circuit. This will give you an edgier vibe.

I call this the Modern Mode. The middle position of the switch is Boost or Diode Lift Mode. You’ll notice an instant boost in volume with less overdrive. You’ll find that this mode will give you a ton of crunch and volume. There’s also a slight enhancing affect on the signal in this mode. If you’re looking for a straight boost with the most volume this is the mode to use.


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Allums VersaDrive Version 2 DIY Kit
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