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    Pedal Mod Instructions

    Pedal Mod PDF Instructions

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    Boss BD2 Monte Mod Plus
    Boss BD-2 Blues Stack
    Boss BD2 Mod
    Boss BDH2O Mod
    Boss BDH2O Plus
    Boss BF2 Flanger Plus
    Boss CE2 CE2B Mod
    Boss CE3 Hi-Fi Mod
    Boss CH1 Hi-Fi Plus Mod
    Boss CS2 Hi-F Plus
    Boss CS3 Add Bass Switch
    Boss CS3 Noise Decimator
    Boss CS3 Opto Mod
    Boss CS3 Opto Plus
    Boss CS3 Ultra Plus
    Boss DD2 DD3 HiCut Mod
    Boss DD5 HiCut Mod
    Boss DD6 HiCut Mod
    Boss DF2 TG Mod
    Boss DS1 MIJ Vintage TG Plus
    Boss DS1 Rect Vin
    Boss DS1 Rectifier
    Boss DS1 Roxx TG Plus
    Boss DS1 TG Plus Rectifier
    Boss DS1 TG Rect Vin Mod
    Boss DS1 TG Rectifier
    Boss GE7 New Mod
    Boss GE7 Plus Mod
    Boss GE7 Vintage Mod
    Boss GEB7 New Mod
    Boss GEB7 Plus Mod
    Boss HM2 Vintage Plus Mod Kit
    Boss LM-2B Bass Limiter Plus Mod
    Boss MD2 Distortion Plus
    Boss MT2 Quad-Gain Plus
    Boss MT2 Sustainia
    Boss MT2 TG Sustainia Plus
    Boss MT2 TG Sustainia
    Boss NS-2 Mod Older Version A Plus
    Boss NS-2 Mod Older Version B Plus
    Boss NS-2 smd Mod Plus
    Boss OD-2 Turbo Mod
    Boss OD3 Plus DG Mod
    Boss ODB3 Plus TG Mod
    Boss OS2 DG Plus
    Boss PQ-3B Hi-Fi Plus Mod
    Boss PQ-4 HiFi Plus Mod
    Boss SD1 GT
    Boss SD1 Mod
    Boss SD1 Stacked Plus
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